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The 5 Best Food Tours In Bangkok

Known for its incredible food scene, your trip to Bangkok isn’t complete without food tasting some authentic Thai food around the city. From its endless street food options to luxurious dinner cruises, many food tours in Bangkok offer unique experiences to enjoy the city to the fullest. 

Food is an essential part of Thai culture, so what’s a better way to explore the best local food stops while enjoying the hustle and bustle of the city in Bangkok?

Top 5 Food Tours to Join in Bangkok

While exploring the local delicacies on your own is possible, joining food tours in Bangkok will help you navigate the city’s diverse culinary offerings. From visiting the local food market in Bangkok, and getting to know the ingredients that blend well with the flavorful and spicy Thai cuisine, here are the best food tours you can book in Bangkok! 

1. Chef Designed Bangkok Food Tour with Klong Boat Ride

This Bangkok food tour in a traditional klong boat is the best option if you want to enjoy the combination of cruising Bangkok’s canal while learning firsthand about Thai food from a local chef to understand more about the culture. 

The tour includes food tasting for more than ten Thai dishes in the famous Nang Loeng Market. Located in the Phra Nakhon district of the city, this market has been operating for over 100 years, making it one of the oldest traditional markets in Bangkok. 

If you join this tour, don’t forget to taste their boat noodles as the savoury flavour of the broth combined with the juicy meat is absolutely something you can’t miss in the food tour in Bangkok!

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2. Pink Chili – Thai Cooking Class and Market Tour in Bangkok

Thai cuisine is known for its bold and spicy flavours, and that’s only one of the many reasons why Thai cooking class is popular in Bangkok. This Thai cooking class and market tour not only offers a hands-on learning experience to prepare your favourite Thai dish, but it also allows you to glance at the local culture in the traditional market. 

Each participant will make four meals, including a starter, two main courses, and one dessert during the class. You will learn about the ingredients as you shop for herbs and spices for your cooking class at the local market. 

You will be given the option to choose before participating in this food tour. Don’t forget to inform them before the cooking class if you have any dietary restrictions, as they can adjust the menu and ingredients accordingly!

3. Bangkok Michelin Guide Street Food Tour by Tuk-Tuk

Street food and tuk-tuk are a great combo when we talk about travelling to Bangkok. Michelin Guide street food in Bangkok will enhance your experience in exploring the top-notch culinary recommendations in the city. 

Your first destination will be Lim Lao Ngow in Chinatown, which is the legendary fishball noodle in Bangkok that has been in business for over 80 years. It doesn’t stop there, as this food tour in Bangkok will take you to numerous street food stalls with Michelin stars in the Chinatown area. 

food tours by tuk-tuk in Bangkok #thailand

4. Bangkok Midnight Food Tour by Tuk-Tuk

There’s no secret that Bangkok is known as one of the world’s nightlife capitals. It’s not surprising that The Hangover Part II was filmed in Bangkok, because the chance of you getting a hangover in Bangkok is never zero! 

The good news is that with that reputation, Bangkok also offers a lot of advantages for those who plan to have a drink or two in the city. It’s heaven for some top-notch hangover food, making the night food tour in Bangkok even more memorable! 

Be prepared to enjoy the night view and eat some of the best food in Bangkok at midnight. From sampling some of the best city’s street food at the night market, relaxing at the rooftop bar with the amazing city lights around the temples, to a plate of pad thai to end the night, this food tour is a chance to enjoy Bangkok nightlife to the fullest with the limited time you may have in the city.

5. Royal Princess Dinner Cruise

Bangkok has a rich cultural heritage and beautiful views, and a dinner cruise along the Chao Phraya River is a great way to experience the city from a different perspective. There are many dinner cruises you can book in Bangkok with various price ranges and facilities, but Royal Princess Dinner Cruise stands out for its affordability and delicious food. 

Royal Princess Dinner Cruise operates daily from 5 PM on the weekdays and starts early at 3 PM during the weekend. The dinner cruise at 7.45 PM is the best choice as you will get the full view of Bangkok at night with the city lights. 

From your hotel in Bangkok, head to Asiatique Riverfront at warehouse number 7 to check in for the dinner cruise. In this area, there will be a few lines for different packages of dinner cruises, so make sure you get in the right queue before checking in. 

The check-in counter for dinner at 7.45 PM is usually open at 6 PM, so be ready with your e-voucher for the check-in. While the check-in counter is usually open until 7.20 PM, make sure to check in early, as after 6.30 PM, the queue will be insane!

Asiatique Riverfront is a great place to stroll around, so you can explore the area while waiting for boarding. Check the pier where you board according to your ticket, and be there at least 15 minutes before boarding. Check the staff with the sign to make sure you’re on the right queue since there’s a possibility that the same pier is used for different cruise companies.  

Once boarded, you can enjoy a buffet dinner from Thai food to Asian and international cuisine. On top of that, they also have live music and traditional Thai dance performances during the cruise. The boat has three levels, and while you will be assigned a seat according to your ticket, you can still go to the other levels to take pictures and enjoy the night view after dinner. 

best dinner cruise in Bangkok #thailand

Let’s explore Bangkok’s foodie scene!

Bangkok offers various food tours that you can pick based on your interest. Whether you’re a foodie trying to experience the best authentic Thai food in Bangkok or you want to improve your cooking skills to prepare some delicious Thai cuisine, there’s an option for everyone.

Now I’ve shared some of the best food tours in Bangkok, which one of these will you book? Whichever food tours you end up booking, don’t forget to keep room in your tummy so you can enjoy your Bangkok foodie adventure!

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