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"We're the Winters, a family of four living in glorious South Australia. We're big on adventure, food, and learning about the world. After a couple of years of massive upheaval, we're on a mission to appreciate the magic around us and make our lives extraordinary."

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A Complete Review Of The Oval Hotel, Adelaide

So… last week I celebrated a birthday – the big thirty-three! And I’m not complaining… Being 33 seems to be amazing so far. One benefit of being this little bit older and wiser is having kids who are a bit older and can so confidently spend nights with the grandies. This equals DATE NIGHTS. So last Friday we headed off…

Wine Tasting at Longview Vineyard in Macclesfield, South Australia #wine #food #travel #australia
A Complete Review of Longview Vineyard in Macclesfield, SA

This weekend we enjoyed a stay at Longview Vineyard in the Adelaide Hills. After a few really full-on months at work while also juggling home renovations, we needed a bit of grown-ups time out where we could just relax, laze about, and chat about anything uninterrupted. Longview Vineyard was the absolute perfect escape. We actually had a long weekend booked…

A Day Out and Long Lunch at Sidewood Estate, Hahndorf, South Australia
A Beautiful Autumn Long Lunch At Sidewood Estate, Hahndorf

Last weekend I was lucky enough to head out to a long lunch at Sidewood Estate, a gorgeous winery in the Adelaide Hills. The Adelaide Hills wine region is spectacular – I adore exploring through the Hills whenever possible. What I love about the Adelaide Hills as a wine region in particular is it’s diversity through all seasons. In Spring…

Luna 10 Bar | Crowne Plaza Adelaide | South Australia
A Complete Review of Adelaide’s Crowne Plaza Hotel

Last weekend we used our second Great State Voucher (Mr. Winter and I both scored one each) to stay at the brand new Crowne Plaza. Two parents-only getaways in a month, incredible! (Keep your eyes peeled for our review of the also-brand-new Indigo Hotel, which will be up in a few days). Mr. Winter surprised me by taking a half-day…

A Complete Review of the Mayfair Hotel, Adelaide

The Mayfair is a jewel in the crown of Adelaide’s revitalised hotel scene. It’s been open for a little while now, but it’s still much-hyped. Each year for our wedding anniversary, Mr. Winter and I have a grown-ups weekend just for the two of us. Most years, we do a local stay somewhere in South Australia; sometimes we do an…

Vivonne Bay | Kangaroo Island | Best Beaches #kangarooisland #southaustralia
How To Spend Three Days On Kangaroo Island

This might be a post about Kangaroo Island, but I start all posts about grown-up getaways by making the same point: it’s really important to have adults-only time sometimes. Usually such posts have maintained this point in the context of marital relationships, but the idea applies to friendships too. For me, having strong female friendships is an incredibly important aspect…

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