A Complete Review of the Vibe Hotel, Adelaide #southaustralia #travel

Vibe Hotel Adelaide: A Complete Review

On Friday night we were lucky enough to stay at Adelaide’s brand new Vibe Hotel – it had only been open for two days! To say we were excited to stay in a hotel so new is an understatement. And, of course, having been so busy with work and kids’ sport etc. lately, we were really grateful to be able to have a night just the two of us.

So off the kids went to the grandparents’ house, whilst we hightailed it into Adelaide’s CBD to check out its newest hotel. Below is our complete Vibe Hotel Adelaide review.

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The Final Verdict!

Vibe Hotel Adelaide

We were delighted with our stay at Vibe Hotel Adelaide, and strongly recommend this hotel for an Adelaide stay. Check Vibe Hotel Adelaide rates and book your stay below!

Checking in to the Vibe Hotel

We were met by a bunch of smiling faces and check-in was smooth. It’s worth noting that, given the hotel had only been open for two hours when we checked in, the staff were still learning a new booking system. So extra points to the staff for wrangling the system – our booking was more complicated as we had upgraded the room type.

We were able to park out the front for 15 minutes upon arrival while we checked in. After this, we moved our car round to a small parking lot behind the hotel. As the hotel was just opening, they gave us parking for free. I believe going forward car parking will need to be in one of the paid car parking facilities nearby.

Our room at Vibe Adelaide

We upgraded from a Deluxe King (which also looked pretty swish) to the Urban Retreat room. This is one of Vibe’s nicest rooms, because it has a large bathtub right by the window for views over Adelaide Hills. I definitely gave that bathtub a workout!

All soaps and shampoos are Original&Mineral, which I love (second only to Maine Beach of course!), so that was a really nice touch.

When we arrived in our room, the staff had left us a beautiful note welcoming us, as well as a bottle of The Lane Lois sparkling wine, and two BTS cupcakes. These guys really knew the way to our hearts!

The room is open plan, with the shower and toilet having their own glass doors out into the vanity which is part of the main room. This was aesthetically very pleasing, but I will say it means no soundproofing, so be warned.

The king bed was really comfortable with luxurious linens, and we had a great night’s sleep.

The room features a big-screen TV, but only has free-to-air channels (maybe I’m old-school, but I do like to have cable TV in a hotel room as a bit of a treat, though I notice this happens less and less these days). I think you can use Chromecast, but we didn’t try.

The room is equipped with a kettle and coffee pod machine, as well as the standard fridge, iron/ironing board etc. We did appreciate the larger than normal safe – we often struggle to fit laptops in the safe but this one had plenty of room.

A bugbear of mine in hotel rooms is often lack of, or inconveniently placed, powerpoints. I didn’t have this problem at Vibe so that’s a big tick.

Dining at Vibe Hotel Adelaide

Vibe Hotel has a restaurant on the ground floor – The Storehouse. At the time of our stay, The Storehouse wasn’t open for dinner reservations (it opens March 9th). However, limited – though tasty-looking – options are available from the restaurant via room service. We reviewed the menu and the prices are on par with expected room service rates. This menu will also be expanded later in the month (the full menu looks delicious!).

We opted instead to walk next door to Von Thai, which was delicious. We ordered the two-person banquet and I would definitely recommend this.

In the morning, we went downstairs to The Storehouse for breakfast. The Storehouse offers an a la carte breakfast menu, and this is therefore not included in the room rate. I did find the menu to be a little pricey, but the food was good and the coffee was excellent (this is the most important part!).

We also had a chat to the manager who is absolutely lovely. He was busy training the staff but stopped to have a chat with us. And I have to say – to me this is the nicest part about staying at a hotel that’s so new – you really see the effort the staff go to trying to get everything right for guests. While there will always be teething problems with anything new, getting a little glimpse behind the scenes made us appreciate how lucky we were to be staying there.

Pool and Gym

On the first floor is a cute lap pool, and a small but well-equipped gym. The pool was a bit cold for us to hop in (it was a warm but not hot day) but if the outside temperature was a bit higher it would have been lovely. I also liked how the physical location of the gym enabled more privacy.

A Complete Review of the Vibe Hotel, Adelaide #southaustralia #travel

Overall impressions

We loved our stay at Vibe Hotel. We found the building to be aesthetically beautiful and well-laid out, and it made us feel really comfortable. The staff, while busy orienting themselves to their brand new roles, were so friendly and welcoming. Overall, the Vibe Hotel had everything we needed for a wonderful kid-free date night.

If you’re looking for a city getaway in Adelaide, we do highly recommend Vibe Hotel.

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The Final Verdict!

Vibe Hotel Adelaide

We were delighted with our stay at Vibe Hotel Adelaide, and strongly recommend this hotel for an Adelaide stay. Check Vibe Hotel Adelaide rates and book your stay below!

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A Complete Review of the Vibe Hotel, Adelaide #southaustralia #travel

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