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Welcome to A Winter Escape, my own little corner of the internet.

This site is inspired by a few things: a love of travel, of course, but also a love of learning, and a fascination with our planet, its people, its creatures and its landscapes.

I’m a health researcher by day, doing my Psychology PhD in refugee perinatal wellbeing and working in nursing research as well. I’m a wife and a mum to two boys, one dog, and many plants.

This blog started off as a travel blog mostly – my idea was to encourage families with small children to keep on exploring. I actually used to be a travel agent before having kids. Then I started a PhD, and COVID happened, and my whole life got turned upside-down by a severe case of burnout.

I’m kind of rebuilding my life right now. I’m very fortunate to live the life I do, but I couldn’t enjoy any of it when I was sick.

This blog represents a journey for me, one of learning to live my life for me, to enjoy it, and to make it extraordinary. I’m a firm believer in also staying true to yourself. When I became a mum, I felt lost in a sea of baby gear and bodily fluids: I lost my sense of who I was and what I could contribute to the world. A Winter Escape is about finding my place again and escaping the ordinary: in manifesting big, magical moments in our lives but also finding the joy in the little moments.

If you like travel, food and drink, renovations, naming your plants as if they were your children, and feminist rants, then this is the place for you.

about me

Just a note about this blog:

A Winter Escape supplements my income while I finish my PhD and raise the boys. In some posts you may see affiliate links. I also like to work with brands (such as tourism brands or tour companies) to help get the word out. If I’ve been paid for this, you’ll always see that declared; if you click on a link and make a purchase I may earn a small commission (but it doesn’t increase the cost to you).