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Follow along on our journey as we explore the world and encourage your family to have as many adventures as possible.

Hi, I’m Amelia! I’m a health researcher by day who takes every possible moment to chase the sunshine and explore the world (often the kids come too!). I love sharing my travels with you.

Think of me as your new mum bestie. I’m here to help you feel at ease taking your kids around the world, or jetting off on a romantic weekend away without them. Three things I deeply believe:

  • Travel teaches children resilience and empathy.
  • Adventures make for stronger family units.
  • Every mum needs some time out to recharge.

Encouraging busy mums to travel more

Many of us work full time or part time –  and we love our jobs! Our plan is not to quit. But  wanting more independence in the way we work, what we do at work, and why we do it is completely valid and important. When we’re tired or burnt out, juggling a million different responsibilities (Raising children! Being loving wives! Producing good work! Keeping it all together!), how do we find time to relax? Are we reconnecting with our families and, importantly, ourselves?

My goal with A Winter Escape is to inspire busy mothers to take some time. That might mean a weekend away with the hubby or girlfriends, or it might mean a longer family holiday.

Perhaps you even just need a couple of days completely to yourself. Whatever you need, I want A Winter Escape to be the go-to destination for mums who think, “you know what? There’s more to life than this grind – how can I inject a little more magic into my life?”

So please follow along with this blog and feel free to reach out to me with your questions or your own travel tips. Being a mum is so rewarding, but it’s also hard. I am always here to lift you up, encourage you to explore the world, and remind you that you have a village.

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