Our Malaysia and Singapore Itinerary: One Big Loop | What to see in Malaysia | What to see in Singapore | Travel in Malaysia | Travel in Singapore #travel #travelblog #southeastasia #asia

Our Malaysia and Singapore Itinerary: One Big Loop

What’s that sound? It’s the low-pitched whoooosh of my sanity seeping out of my brain. Want to drive yourself absolutely mental? Great! I have this awesome itinerary you should try. It’s called: “Three Weeks in Malaysia and Singapore: One Big Loop.” It’s great fun and you should try and replicate it. What’s that? Oh, you have kids? Two kids under…

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Why I love Kuala Lumpur | Tips for traveling to Kuala Lumpur | Where to eat in Kuala Lumpur | Where to stay in Kuala Lumpur | How to get to Kuala Lumpur | How to get around in Kuala Lumpur #kualalumpur #malaysia #asia #travel #travelblog

Three Nights In Kuala Lumpur, The City I Still Love

I’ve always loved Kuala Lumpur. As a naïve 19-year-old leaving Australia for the first time, Kuala Lumpur was my first port of call… a friendly introduction to Asia before hitting the chaos that was Vietnam. In the next few years, I travelled back through KL several times in pursuit of whatever adventure would (hopefully) scratch my travel itch. I never…

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Hard Rock Penang Review: Amazing Family Holiday Fun

Blaring music. Rock memorabilia everywhere. Carpets, walls, and lighting a deep shade of purple. Yeah, not really my thing either. Add wet kids running around everywhere straight out of the pool and it seems like damp, technicoloured mayhem. Take me down the street to the Shangri-La, please! But wait, give it a chance! Sure, this hotel isn’t my usual style,…

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Six Penang Activities Perfect For History Buffs

Colourful houses. Delicious food. Lively streets. A thriving art scene. There are countless reasons to visit Penang; you could never come here and be bored. But for history buffs like me and my husband, Penang’s eclectic modern feel mixes with a rich and fascinating past that needs to be explored. For the purposes of this article, I’ll refer to Penang…

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The Andaman, Langkawi | Luxury Langkawi Resorts | Where To Stay In Langkawi #langkawi #malaysia #southeastasia #asia

Langkawi Car Hire: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Is hiring a car in Langkawi a good idea? Yeah, we were scared at first too. Going from orderly Australian roads where it’s like Driving Miss Daisy to full on traffic where no one seems to know or care about the rules. We weren’t sure hiring a car in Langkawi was a good idea. But when we were researching travel…

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Absolute Paradise: The Andaman Langkawi Review #travel #langkawi #malaysia #hotelreview #luxurytravel

A Complete Review of The Andaman, Langkawi

I’m usually quite fussy when it comes to accommodation. When I know something is basic I can take it in my stride, but when I know a property is meant to be super luxurious, it can be hard not to have really high expectations. Recently, I stayed in a resort that far outperformed all my expectations. So if you’re here…

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How Traveling to Cambodia Changed My Life #travel #travelblog #cambodia #southeastasia

How Traveling To Cambodia Changed My Life

I like to think of travel as an opportunity to learn and to grow as a person. To me, traveling the world should be enlightening, educational and thought-provoking. A way of reminding oneself of the diversity of the world and perhaps reminding ourselves to appreciate our place in it. If you tend to agree with this, then traveling to Cambodia…

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Why you absolutely MUST stay at Jadine Villa Bali #bali #indonesia #travel #travelblog #asia #canggu #villa

The Jadine Villa, Bali Will Blow Your Mind

Jadine Villa Bali: something special Sometimes you find a real gem. The kind of place you can’t stop thinking about; the kind of place you can’t shut up about when you get home. For me, Jadine Villa Bali is that special place. Thanks to flight times from Adelaide to Bali, we didn’t actually arrive at the villa until about 1am,…

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Should I Boycott Burma

Help! Should I Boycott Burma?

The other day, I was scrolling through Instagram… When I came across some snaps of people on Ngapali Beach. If you’ve never heard of Ngapali before, it looks absolutely stunning. And if you haven’t heard of it, you’ve probably heard of its state – Rakhine State in Myanmar (Burma). The very one in the news right now for the violence…

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best beach clubs in bali

The Eight Best Beach Clubs In Bali, Indonesia

One of the best bits about Bali is the constant party vibe. One thing Bali really does well, though, is the Beach Club. It’s a place to party, but more low key than a nightclub – just hang out in your swimmers all day! So if that sounds like your kind of thang, then read on… Now this post has…

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