4 Reasons To Make Your Next Family Holiday More Adventurous

A lot of families crave comfort. We all need that sense of comfort, especially when life is a constant onslaught of school runs, work, and trying to get everything in place ready for the next week. This is why, when it comes to family holidays, the flop-and-drop holiday can be super tempting. And there’s nothing wrong with that! However, there’s a lot to be said for outdoor or adventure holidays. Today, I thought I’d try to encourage you to give something a bit more adventurous a go for your next holiday.

You challenge yourselves

You may believe that you are constantly on the go, thinking that you are out of your comfort zone, but for the sake of the family unit, going out of your comfort zone together can give you a huge confidence boost. Going on outdoor tours in far-flung places can be an amazing way for you to share incredible experiences, but also make you realise what you’re all made of.

This can be on the other side of the world, or closer to home – for example, being from Australia means having the vastness of the Outback on our doorstep. If you’re looking for something really cool, the Emu Run Experience website can point you toward places like Uluru. Exploring Uluru and the rest of Central Australia gives you access to a huge wealth of history, but it also takes you beyond your (known) capabilities. 

explore the magical uluru

You spend time in nature

Being outdoors is an amazing boost to your health. Our children’s stress levels are gradually rising the older they get. We don’t want to set them up for a lifetime of feeling stressed and anxious, especially as pressures are far more potent now than they ever were, and will continue in this direction. Therefore, we’ve got to give our children the right tools in order to feel less anxious.

Holidays are an amazing way to de-stress, even outdoor adventure holidays. Being outside is one of the best ways to help feel better. In fact, being out in nature can boost your levels of attention, as well as reduce stress. If you live in a built-up city environment, heading outdoors will do a lot for you and everybody in the family. 

You keep fit

We can all feel like we are on the go constantly, which can make it hard for us to do something more adventurous on our precious vacation time. But outdoor holidays don’t have to consist of hiking up and down mountains! In fact, there are plenty of health benefits of just walking.

The fact is any outdoor holiday also comes with a great range of outdoor activities. You don’t need to get down and do a million sit-ups! The best way to get into an activity holiday is to find the right activities you all like. If your children like swimming you can go on many holidays where your children can swim in the ocean. When your children start to do the things they love, while also keeping fit, this provides them with a solid foundation that should set them up for a far healthier life. 

Side note: one of my favourite destinations is Penang, home to the incredibly walkable world heritage city of George Town. When I think of adventures where I can have outdoorsy experiences, experience an array of different cultures, eat amazing food, and find somewhere luxurious to sleep at the end of the day, Malaysia tops my list.

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You connect with each other

You could expose your children to local experiences and everything that’s on your doorstep rather than going abroad or you could immerse yourselves in a completely different culture. But whatever you decide to do, if you do it as a family, this is where you will all feel the better for it.

If you want to feel closer as a family, being in situations where you are slightly out of your depth but are forced to be together is a fantastic way to open the communication barriers and, of course, create fantastic shared memories as a result.

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